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First, we meet for a non-strings attached and free of charge intake. During this conversation, we get to know each other, we explore the coaching objective you would like to achieve and of course, we determine whether there is a match with your expectations and my approach. If you decide to start the coaching with me, I will prepare a proposal for the number of coaching meetings and the associated investment.

Coach meetings

I do use various methods and exercises which fit the chosen coach objective resulting in insights and more clarity about the choices possible. This will help you to determine the actions which can be taken by you towards the objective set. This will be done in such a manner fitting your profession. Definitely not fluffly, on contrary always focused on practical steps and immediate insights. 


The total coaching trajectory – depending on the coaching objective – will take on average between 6 to 8 conversations and typically a duration of 3 to 4 months. In the mean-time, we evaluate the progress being made and determine whether the topics being discussed contribute towards reaching the objective set. 

Typical steps during a coach trajectory
Steps during coaching trajectory
Coach objectives which regularly appeared during the various sessions

How to cope better with stress?

I would like to have a better work – life balance

How can I stand up more strongly for myself?

How do I get rid of procrastination?

 I struggle with my perfectionism

Will I become freelancer or will I remain an employee? 

Is this the right function or employer for me? 

I don’t want to feel so insecure about my own abilities

I would like to move up, but also have enough time for myself and/or my family

Personal development budget

The personal development budget is often used for increasing content skills or competencies which are belong to a certain function. I am convinced and have experienced myself that an investment in personal development by using individual coaching is even more valuable. Since we work one on one on the objective set, coaching is a very effecticve means of realizing change. Are you an employee? Discuss with HR the possibility to use (part of) your personal development budget for coaching sessions with me. Or let me discuss with HR, happy to do so.