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I coach at the following organisations (among others):

With one simple question, Janine knew immediately how to formulate my coaching objective! Through the use of hands-on exercises, she helped me to identify pitfalls and break through old patterns of habit. I have learned to find admiration from within and not to be dependent on the opinion and/or approval of others. This is results in more peace of mind and confidence. 

No ‘fuss’, fully dedicated, reflective and confronting when required. This is how I have perceived the coaching by Janine.

Monique (Account manager)

Hands-on exercises

Appreciation from within

No ‘fuss’




Tangible handles

I engaged with Janine for personal development coaching. I can recommend her wholeheartedly given her accessible coaching approach and pleasant, emphatic personality. Especially the reflective mirror she provided, resulted in tangible insights. This was done by asking the right questions and some role playing. She also provided tangible handles for the long term which I regularly use for moments for self-reflection. Thanks a lot, Janine! 

Eline (Recruiter)

An important element of the business model at TMC is personal development coaching; Janine provides this at an excellent level and created an absolute added value during my career at TMC. By providing handles and tools, she guided me with taking some important decisions both on professional as well personal level. This enables me to further develop myself with a clear vision. 

Thomas van Nieuwenbergh (Employeneur TMC)

Absolute added value

Clear vision

Further development


Emphatic for the person 

Accompanying in nature

Janine is able to address in a very professional manner whatever theme you bring up and applying theoretical and practical tools and methods. Through her approach, she has provided me with the means to handle my challenges, also for the longer term. She is emphatic for the person behind the story and approaches you with an openness and feeling of security. Her approach is accompanying in nature and enables the coachee to address his challenges, without applying pressure. Worth more than a recommendation. 

Harm Elferink (Plant Production Manager)

I was tired and depressed due to a complete disbalance between work and care at home. I did not feel any work pleasure and was not sure whether I wanted to continue. To solve these issues, I was looking for coaching.

Much to my excitement and in essence, quite unexpected, coaching led to the insight that I still liked my job very much and that I was eager to continue with it. Under the precondition, so I became aware, that I take for rest which leads to energy to demonstrate my creative and joyful side also in my work. 

This outstanding outcome of the coaching sessions would not have been achieved without the efforts of Janine. Her friendly and quiet way of working, her well-timed criticial questions and the well dosed exercises kept me straight towards working solving the issues at hand. I do think that Janine is a perfect coach since she is capable to find the perfect middle ground between accepting how the clients acts and to steer towards the ‘better’ direction, which of course I have been to indicate myself.

Jolien Dekker (Negotiator CNV Vakmensen)


Perfect result

Well dosed exercises

Good listener

Will not judge

Choice is yours

Janine has been my coach in the last three months of my employment at TMC. From the start I felt very comfortable and trusted with her. My experience with Janine is that she is a good listener and a very focused and skilled coach. She will not judge but only wants to help you grow as a person, work colleague, etc. The choice is yours. Thank you Janine for all your highly appreciated coaching sessions! 

Melanie Krakowczyk (TMC)

I have got to learn Janine as a warm, interested and professional coach. By asking the right questions, I have gained clear insights which are helping me with my career. Besides this, Janine also took care that I became much more aware of the elements that truly matter in my work.

Marieke Dijkhuizen (HR Manager of Oudstanding Groep B.V.)

Right questions

Clear insights 

More aware


Full of energy

Empathetic and goal-focused

I contacted Janine for coaching sessions since I was unsure about the next steps in my career. Janine has helped me enormously by holding up a mirror; by asking the right questions, interventions and exercises, I gained a lot of insight in elements of which I was less conscious. The coaching sessions with Janine offered me confidence to be honest with myself and simultaneously enjoy the process I am in; not everything needs to be perfect right from the start, small steps are helping as well towards the end goals. After a session with her, I always retunred home full of energy and confidence that I would get there. I recommend Janine wholeheartly, she is empathetic and goal-focused, a wonderful combination to bring your further in your struggles and challenges!

Eva Delhez (Accountmanager Bioworld Europe)

I approached Janine for career coaching, but it turned out to be much more. Janine offers the possibility to learn about yourself, your expectations and your limitations. It was especially nice that Janine sensed my emotional state of mind and acted upon this with things I needed at that right moment, maybe less about my career but helping me to move further in life. That is what I consider a good coach. I have not yet found my dream job, but I mapped out a clear direction and have a much more realistic view. So, thank you Janine! 


Learned a lot about myself

Knew what I needed

Realistic view



Truly caring

Janine is very open and straight about the coach sessions and potential follow-up, whereby she mainly focuses on my personal learning objectives. Since Janine listens carefully in combination with her coaching knowledge, she was able to convey the theory in practical exercises. She pays attention and is very engaged, but without conveying her own judgement. Next to this, Janine is very practical and flexible regarding appointments. I do wish Janine all the success with her coachees who she will help in their personal development!

Leonie Gooijer (Owner Just Marketing)