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Coaching is a present to yourself. You grow little by little during the coaching sessions and during the time in between. In self-awareness, the choices you are about to make and in actions yielding tangible results.

During the coaching trajectory, you gain energy since you give the things you would like to change or block you the attention they deserve. Your self-awareness increases and you discover what to do. You notice that the small steps you take towards your formulated objective, really results in a tangible change.

A change which is valuable for the rest of your life and I am looking forward to help you!

Voor wie?

I coach lawyers, legal, financial and technical professionals regarding their professional development and career. As professional, you are strong in the analysis of information and you work in an accurate fashion, maybe even perfectionistic. Details do matter; a small mistake can have big consequences. At the same, more needs to be done in less time and or you are being told that you should not strive for a 9 or perfect 10.   

Through my background as legal professional and work experience with financial and technical professionals, I fully understand your motivation and also the challenges you typically face. I notice that this understanding accelerates the process of awareness and taking the right steps. 

Of course, this is no strict pre-requisite for successful coaching sessions; I coach also people working in different professions. 

Coaching is not only valuable if you are facing challenges. You should consider it also if you are looking for self-development and would like to reflect on what is going well and what could improve since coaching could help you. Think of becoming more effective in your daily activities, i your communication or your cooperation with your colleagues. 

If you are strong in your profession, are well-skilled, but not feeling well, you are not performing at your peak. You struggle with perfectionism, procrastination or stress. When addressing this in a early stage, you prevent the worst case. It can be enlighten and valuable to discuss these topics with a coach. A coach who knows the world – in which you operate – firsthand. 

Financieel Professionals
Technisch Professionals
Why Janine Coaching & Training?


I have been there myself. I know first hand which challenges you face and the feelings you face. By having followed coaching sessions myself, I have experienced how coaching can help you in a very practical way. This is so energizing!


Since I coach in a pragmatic way – not floaty or spiritual – and tke care that you notice the first effect quickly in your daily activites, leading to break-throughs in existing patterns. 

Exercises with impact

Given my – NOBCO certified – education, I can apply various methods and exercises in order to increase your awareness, make choices and actions towards realizing your coaching objective.


Since I am equal conversational partner. Not a superior who has an interest in a certain approach or results, no colleague, friend, spouse or husband for whom it is difficult to listen without prejudice. 

Focus on you

Since I focus on what you would like to discuss, the thing you would like to change. If you don’t know it exactly yet, I help you to determine this. Given that we will work on your coaching objective, you will be motivated to take the right steps leading to a change. 

No prejudice

Since I tell you in a concrete way what I see and notice, without a prejudice. In a warm, empathetic and simultaneously confronting manner. 


Als professional werk je in een ambitieuze omgeving. Dagelijks heb je te maken met druk en verwachtingen van anderen, en van jezelf. Het is de kunst om een goede balans te vinden tussen je ambitie en het bewaken van je grenzen. Tijdens de door mij begeleide trajecten, heb ik ervaren dat velen worstelen met twijfels over hun baan, privéleven of de balans daartussen.

De lastigste, maar belangrijkste stap: besluiten om nú te starten. Om het niet (weer) nog even aan te kijken. Ik weet hoe verleidelijk dat is. Je hebt het te druk met andere dingen, het is niet het ideale moment. Of is het dat juist wél?

Wat heb je te verliezen? Niets, je hebt alleen wat te winnen. Contact met mij opnemen is je eerste stap richting het bereiken van je doel. Ik hoor graag van je en kijk uit naar onze kennismaking.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step" (Martin Luther King Jr.)