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Opladen door je vakantie op strand Malediven

Fully recharged by taking a holiday?!

How often don’t you see them appearing in your feed? Ads in which a monster changes in a relaxed, handsome man by simply taking a holiday or an ad in which Harry from The Hague pulls all his tricks to entertain the (female) holiday goers. Or the well-known pictures on Facebook, sitting at the pool with a book, cocktail in the hand, with the caption in caps ENJOYING THE LIFE (well captured as on-line yelling), covered flea market tables in orchards and impressive sunsets. The normal life is left aside and you sink into a life without work, time pressure, appointments and sports of the kids. But how long do you remain recharged after such a holiday? 

Personally, I enjoy holidays very much and the free time with our family. We travel frequently with our daughters of 17 and 14 and truly enjoy the experience of jointly experience a different culture, walk through a different nature, spot wild animals, but most of all experience this together. Every day is different and each meal is nice surprise. If you travel with your kids, you experience the country through their eyes. “Why are the people wearing these clothes”, “where will we sleep tonight, Mum”, “Will be visiting a nice Buddha tomorrow again”, “When will we be sleeping in a night train”, and of course on a daily basis “are joining us for a swim, Dad and can we be your swimming teacher”

But… after such a holiday, the normal life starts again. Luckily, since holiday would not be the same with having to work. In my previous job, I always needed soem time to re-adjust after a break. I felt homesick. Actually holiday sick, since I yearned for the break. Especially towards the life without my job. After a few weeks, I got caught up by the delusion of the day and did I board the running, sometimes running past train. The relaxed and charged life was soon far gone, the difference between holiday and working could not be greater.

Since I do the work I am truly passionate about, I still enjoy very much going on holiday. Good thing too. The major difference that I start coaching again with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. I experience a lot of energy and fulfillment and that does not feel like working.   

Enjoying my work truly is due to my own coaching sessions. Although a holiday, weekend off or going to the spa helps with recharging, the real situation quickly returns . If this situation does not fit you or you experience an issue which you don’t solve, you are back to square one. Since this has not changed at all. In contrary. 

Taking holiday helps in the short term, coaching helps in the long run. Without exaggeration: your whole life. I’ve been there. Coaching helped me to gain a different perspective regarding my choices. This led to making different choices. Not after 1 coaching session, also not after two. It is a process which you will need to experience, which continues even between the sessions. This will cost blood (not really …), sweat and tears, but it yields so much energy since you give the issues at hand the attention which it deserves. 

You will still look forward to holidays and breaks, but you will also enjoy the daily, working life. This will result in enjoying in CAPS. I can truly recommend it

You look forward to a lasting change? Please contact me for a free and no strings attached intake which will help you to determine whether my way of working works for you and jointly determine your coaching objective.   

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