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Eigenaresse Janine Fischer

My name is Janine Fischer. After having completed my studies Law, I have worked in the legal world for more than 16 years, first as company lawyer at NUON, as labour law specialist at CNV Vakmensen and finally at USG Legal. After this, for about 10 years, I have been coach and manager of 60 legal professionals at USG Legal. During this time, I conducted many coaching conversations about the balance between private and profession, key responsibilities at clients, but most of all about the personal development of the professionals.  

After having followed a coaching track, my next step became apparent: becoming a full-time coach. After having resigned, I started with specialized education focused on coaching called Coach Intensive at Nonons in Amsterdam and started subsequently as independent coach since 2016. This was by far the best choice! Every day, I experience first hand how liberating it is to perform the activities and work which provide true energy. How energizing would it be if you could experience the same! In 2020, I have deepened my skills and completed a course for experienced coaches, called Coach Expert, which is accredited on NOBCO/EMCC EQA Senior Practitioner level.  

Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint the issue at hand. By applying my analytical skills, I am able to uncover the essence of your personal coaching objectives. Coachees indicate that my coach method is goal-focused, professional and pragmatic, acting in an empathetic manner while not shying away from positive confrontation. It is important to me that you will experience quickly the effect of coaching in daily practice which is underpinned  by my coaching methods and exercises being used depending on your coach objective.  

And besides this …. I am 50 years old, live in Zeist together with Bart and our two daughters of 17 and 14 years old.